Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hi guys, the Strathmore annual mobile boot-camp has been lined up and is scheduled for 7th July to 10th July i.e. running from Thursday through to Sunday. This sounds like a great experience for the mobile techies out there.
Basically, Mobile boot-camp is all about mobile application development.

On the 8th of July, there will be speakers from the industry touching on a variety of relevant issues including converting your ideas into business and Grants for local application developers. 9th and 10th of July will see hands-on development sessions in Beginner and Intermediate Java ME, SMS/USSD and Python.

Only 150 spaces are left. You can book online and receive a mail notification or you can also pay through your phone. All details on registrations and payments are here and .

For more information about the event itself go to

any questions and comments about the same are welcome.

See you there.


  1. I am very proud to be in JLUG! just think of these timely updates,talk of first hand info on bleeding edge technology,events to me it seems so c00l.Well keep it up mr.Editor and update us more

  2. Mobile Bootcamp, YEI! Too bad they ask me to pay. I hope you'll attend and when you do I hope you'll bring us up to speed.

  3. @chimera you are welcome. if it's technology, it's got to be up to date man. thanks anyway, we will do our part.

    @bantutu, we will represent accordingly. n yeah, the fee is quite damaging, but then again, you can't price knowledge. true.

  4. sorry guys, apparently the links didn't upload well enough. if you are having problems please use this one.

  5. its good to see that such updates on important information and activities are being posted on this blog that way no one can have any escuse of not having known. i must admit the tax is damaging but am sure the kind if knowledge you ring back with you is hoping to attend.