Wednesday, May 30, 2012


members keen on a presentation

Quite a fiery start to the new semester as team Afrosilicon graced our very first meet up with a showcase of their winning applications from the Ericsson and Imagine Cup competitions, namely "Funkiez" and "911niSave" respectively. Paul Mutie (@paul_mwanzia on Twitter), Munene Julius (@iuwej on Twitter) and John Nduli who together form Afrosilicon emerged an impressive first in the East African region category (Ericsson Apps For Africa Challenge) for their app, Funkiez,  which allows users to keep track of social events happening around them and reserve invites through popular mobile payment solutions. It also enables one to share these details on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter and notifies them of any upcoming events. They were also victorious in the Windows Phone 7 category for the Imagine Cup where they emerged first runners up with their app 911niSave which is a security solution that allows one to use location aware services on their Windows Phone to constantly broadcast their location especially in areas that may pose security risks. They are further able to make distress calls, sos alerts and get help.
Perhaps riding on their achievements thus far, or perhaps inspired by the spirit of the club, they have decided to offer classes on C# development, Android and Java development as well. Paul, who lives and breathes all things C#, and is an avid Windows Phone developer and enthusiast has confirmed that they will be holding C# classes covering everthing from the basics, including Object Oriented Programming to concepts such as UI via WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Windows Form to databases, Windows Phone and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation). Those interested can register with JLUG here or hit his email on for registration. The classes are slated for every other Saturday morning with a nominal fee upon registration.
Making even more strides in the gaming world were Allan Mukhwana and his team who have come up with a first person shooter game and themed it as a "War awareness game" which highlights the need for Africa to end its war. This they achieve in various ways, for example on screen messages calling for peace, a slide show introduction highlighting the price many have had to pay for instability in their countries, and musical back drop feauturing the national anthem. They are still deep in development so expect a whole lot more to come later

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  1. Where did you guys meet? I don't even know where this room is. I wonder what part of Karen you were at.