Friday, July 2, 2010


So yesterday, as expected, the voting went on very well. I must admit that it was very peaceful and fairly conducted. The voter turn out was also pleasant, making SCOSIT probably the largest gathering in the name of a club in JKUAT right now. We hope this will be replicated all through it's endeavors.

Apparently, it was a very tightly contested vote which resulted to the two contesting chairmen tying with 80 votes each. This was quite shocking. With this, people have to vote for the second time next week on Tuesday.
There had been a consultation about having to register before voting but I've already been informed by some reliable sources that it will not be there, though it was decided that in the next voting people must produce their school IDs.

All the other posts were grabbed with very smart and promising people who we hope will steer the club into some pleasant fortunes.

We can only wait and see. Meanwhile, the contestants are allowed to do anything in their power to amass as many people as possible. Thanks to all those who came in strongly to vote.

Have an "Open Source Weekend!".

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  1. Thats great...its a step into the right direction...on Tuesday we will confirm our chairman...definately