Thursday, July 29, 2010

DVC-RPE Prof. Easther Murugi Kahangi and the exhibitors in JKUAT Tech Expo It

It was a great honor for Jkuat Linux users Group(JLUG) to be the first ever club to host the DVC-RPE Prof. Easther Murugi Kahangi and the exhibitors in JKUAT Tech Expo
scheduled for October, 2010.
She had the some encouraging message to the exhibitors who were JKUAT student.
She said, “We have to be creative to drive the Kenyan economy and make Kenya a
paradise just like or even better than USA.”
She said she was amazed at the students’ initiative and supported it since it will breed a culture of innovativeness in the University and by extension to the society we live in.
She went ahead to say that in fact the University management was happy and were
considering introducing an innovation academy in JKUAT that will cater for the
students on their innovation and offer all technical support towards success of their
ideas so long as they address a current issue or problem in the society. According to
JLUG that is a step in the right direction.
The exhibitors who were in attendance were extremely happy and felt encouraged by
the DVC-RPE. Some were quoted as saying “We never imagined she(DVC-RPE) could
show up in this meeting and interact with us in that manner. We feel honored.”
From this statement bit show statement we ascertained her attendance did actually
make an impact.
Besides her we had our patron Mr. Harrison Kaguongo who encouraged the exhibitors
to utilize the resources and skills they have to make a change. He even cited the BillGates encounter with White house who rubbished his idea but Gates persisted and
that’s why we use computers today in the world and ironically USA over relies on
Prof. Kahangi and Mr Kaguongo had the same parting shot “Lets change Kenya”
Indeed we can so lets get to work.

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  1. Hey guys, this is Elijah, hope ya'll good, sorry can"t make it for your meetings, I'm on attachment and can't commute to juja on time. Anyway, just to continue encouraging you to explorer Linux, a whole lot of companies are turning to Linux even in Kenya. Some of the links I'll post here will show you the companies using Linux;
    Even Kenya Pipeline Company Limited use Linux for their servers, Linux is out doing Microsoft slowly, soon you'll be left behind if you don't swim in Linux. Good Luck
    Have a good day ya'll