Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the last meeting

JLUG meeting

Thursday November 25th 2010

New kids on the floor:

The final meeting of the academic year saw some new fellows on the floor. Felling a little bit nervous and inconsistent was what seemed to take over but it was soon overcome.
The presentations:
Group proposals:
Elijah a committed member of the club brought about the issue of having groups that will be managed by a group organizer and lead by a leader. The group organizer will have the role of manning projects and presentations forwarded to him by the officials. For fairness,each of the groups will have one of the officials as a member. The advantages that will be derived from this are:
1) Enables everyone to be herd.
2) Enhances healthy competition hence seriousness and devotion.
3) Will create responsibilities.
This idea was seconded by the chair and also the secretary as a brilliant idea to unite the members of the club”The JLUG family”

The open day:
A proposal brought about by Ian Christine and Nelson:
What its all about:
Most people know about Linux but they are reluctant on using it. Reason being its open source,it is an executable application that will crash your system once installed on your Windows machine. On the other hand people just use it for entertainment. Having the mindset of a computer geek,one knows how much Linux has evolved from the command line to the graphical interface,Just as the commandments put it,”Honor your father and mother”So shall all Linux users remember Unix as both their father and mother. IT has changed computing since all other operating systems use our kernel but only change the interface.
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