Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reflections On The JKUAT Tech Expo2010

“Hardwork, Determination, Persistence and Collaborations are key to achieving success in every endeavor you pursue”

The first JKUAT tech Expo 2010 was organized by JLUG for a period summing up to nine months. The culmination of it was on 13th Oct ,2010 when the results were seen. A success that was was witnessed on that Wednesday. It was graced by the university management led by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Mabel Imbuga, Deputy Vice Chancellor in Charge of Research, Production and Extension Prof. Esther Kahangi who were very instrumental in seeing our dream come true.

The organizers of the event led by Kebati Calvin were divided into sub commits that played a vital role. They included the media team led by Wendoh Willys, the marketing team led by Sam Ndungu and the general secretariat led by Mike Muriuki. Indeed it was evident that they did a great job from the turn out and high level of display of organization. We appreciate them for the job well done!

The other stakeholders that played a key role in the expo were the exhibitors who believed in us and burnt the midnight oil to put together their projects that really were the main motivations towards JKUAT TECH expo. They did help us prove skeptics wrong who saw the failure part of it that we were serious and success was the minimum we did expect. Indeed its worthy mentioning that ICT Board of Kenya did give our event serious thought, this was manifested by sending Local content manager, Kaburo Kobia to the event who also volunteered to be our judge and spent the whole day with us. Hongera Kaburo for believing in us!

Its an event that displayed just less than 5% of the enormous ideas that are not being displayed our fellow students and usually go unnoticed. The fully packed assembly hall applauded the VC when she did promise to allow the students event on the university calendar, this implied that she was greatly humbled by the projects she did see.

We in future would want to see a fablab developed in JKUAT to facilitate the development of students’ ideas and help us compete favorably with other globally acknowledged institution.

As JLUG we would like top encourage students to be ready to present their ideas discuss them and realize them through partnerships that matter and not people who strive to take pride in other peoples sweat.

Experience flexibility as you share your knowledge with the world and you will definitely achieve much.


  1. i think this is just the beginning.......

  2. the event was made a success by the joint venture by the students and the University can't wait for the next one next year. kudos to Calvin for the good work

  3. The people who helped out on the same day are highly appriciated including the MC of Njogu J. Thanks to all who helped out.

  4. is there a link where we can check out what went down?