Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A new year is has come!. Our first meeting of the year was held on 3rd feb. during this meeting we laid out our goals and ambitions for the semester and 2011.
. Some of the issues discussed included:
                i).The club’s main purpose  for this semester will include:
                                a).Organizing an open day to popularize the club and the use of Linux.
This will focus on solving general pc problems regardless of the operating system that a user is using.
Helping users to configure and install Linux on their systems for the to have a dual boot
                                b).Gathering projects for the expo of the year.
Tech expo 2011 is here and preparations have to start early. It has been urged that any of the members who has a project to register with any of the officials. The tech expo last year was a successful one and all it has now become an arena where developers come to show case their talent and programming skills.
This is another major show case of cutting edge applications developed by students for the students to solve problems in the campus in a technological way. If you  have a project you can register with any of the officials or check out the actualize Blog for more details.

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