Friday, February 25, 2011

The third meeting

24th February 2011

It's the third meeting of the semester and a zeal in the club is taking up. Several technical presentations and many conferences. Some of the items discussed in the during the meeting are:
The VM ware:
Presented by Jotham an active member of the club. Its a supplemental to the common virtual box. Its a light weight application that helps to run several Operating Systems. Its cool try it out. JLUG ….experience flexibility.

Remastering your Linux Kernel
An intuitive presentation by Antony Nderitu a CT student just let it go with the total customization of your Linux. The test case system is Open SUSE.
Your destrol in Fedora.
All its packages are online
Its developer package is called reviser.
Some packages are open while others are hidden totally for instance:
The Anaconda
The Kernel
Your destrol in SUSE
First get an ID from
Create an account either a novel or an ID
Fill the credentials
Wait for a reply ID and one is let to get to the SUSE studio

What is SUSE studio:
It's a developer suit that helps one to create a something of your own
It helps beginners to select the basic packages.

Some of the items to customize are
The boot image.
Your desktop

Since Linux is not licensed to distribute some packages,one to get them the respective packages from the repository

The destrol can be tested online through the use of a flash player. If one is not happy with the destrol one can re-customize and include other items.
What happens:
Check the destrol boot.
Interact with destrol for a time limit of one hour.
A destrol that he has made includes
Qt developer toolkit
Sm player
….and much more

….experience flexibility
The weekly events.
*ihub Mobile Monday
A presentation by Microsoft about cloud computing
Encouragement to the attendants to join the imagine competition whose finals will be held in New York
A challenge to the willing contestants to develop AI(Artificial Intelligence) applications and technologies geared to network sensing technologies.

Upcoming events for the month of March
On 1st March Tuesday Microsoft will be at JKUAT venue SCC 100
The open day is now on schedule and participants are being encouraged to register

Great thanks to:
Ken for his projector
Antony Nderitu for his remastering presentation
Jotham for his VM presentation
All the members for attending the meeting

...experience flexibility
JLUG 2011

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