Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth JLUG Meeting

Yet another successful fourth meet up this past Thursday and although our featured guest could not make it, still it proved to be a rather engaging and candid discussion on the myriad viewpoints and issues discussed.
Top on the list was a question raised by most of the new members present for their first ever meeting which centered around just exactly what the club is all about. From the conversation that answered that question, it was made clear that it's all about the Linux experience, free software that works just as good if not better than 'the establishment' and the commitment to ensuring that we are part of the global community spreading the word as it were.
Hot on the heels of this topic was the discussion on the various software solutions available and the best platform on which to run it. Perhaps the best answers came from quite a few of the members sharing their own personal experiences most of which were all things Linux. Sigu, for example, gave countless renditions on just how versatile his particular distro was on the hardware, how reliable it is and the efficiency and throughput it gives him when running his applications and programs.
The challenge as Ian, our moderator, so rightly put it was to try out the various distros available and embrace the Linux experience on one's own. As a club, we are always there to assist in case of any questions or difficulties.
The next meeting is on in a fortnight and new members are always welcome.

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