Tuesday, July 19, 2011

JLUG Meet Up 14 July

Yet another successful meeting happened this past Thursday with a host of presenters at the ready. Denis was first on the floor and made a presentation on a structured exception handling(SEH) based buffer overflow exploit. He was running Backtrack 4 on his machine as well as Windows XP via virtual box. Using the program Metersploit which comes pre-installed in Backtrack, he able to gain access to the XP system and manipulate quite a few features and programs based on vulnerabilities attacked. Full details on this can be found here.
The next presentation was by George on the .NET Framework, and yes you are reading it correct, the .NET Framework! He detailed quite a few points on this platform, among them:
  • the .NET Framework itself which is pretty much like the java API or C/C++ Library
  • the C# language and its robustness in terms of speed and ease of use especially with Visual Studio software
  • a feature presentation on silverlight
Mike was on there after and provided quite an invaluable and essential workaround on recovery of the Grub Loader for Linux. Through these two lines of code:
  • sudo mount /dev/sda1/ mnt...(replace sda1 with your root partition number) ,and
  • grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ dev/sdx...(replace the x in sdx with your partition alphabet)
one is able to recover the grub loader in situations where one is running a dual boot configuration and the loader for the Linux system is overwritten by Windows or is otherwise lost or corrupted.
On a separate issue, the frequency of meetings has been unilaterally changed from twice weekly to once every week, same time same place. See you then and tag a friend along!

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