Friday, March 9, 2012


Another successful meet up in the bag and this time it was all about matters football; to be more precise, the meeting point between technology and the local football scene. What I'm I on about? Well, an innovative solution which is the brainchild of Alan Mukhwana, Kevin Wambani, and George Mwangi.

Built around the Kenyan Premier League, the site offers live scores, match previews, editorials, the latest club news, player profiles and so much more. Quite a few features set the site apart from the competition. First off, the fact that it is 100% Kenyan and offers local content only. Even more impressive is the ability to accommodate six live matches at any one time.
The Kenyan football scene is alive with competitive matches, high ratings and immensely talented players who enjoy almost cult following from their fanatic fans. Towards this end, Alan and his team have capitalised on this opportunity to provide a platform where these parties can meet and discuss all things football. As things stand, there is more talk and attention given to foreign leagues and matches particularly the European League, and with this venture it is their desire to promote our very own league and contribute towards its rise to the very top. They hope to generate more traffic their way in order to effectively showcase the vast potential that lays untapped in our own backyard.
In order to realise this dream, they need content creators, sports journalists, to mention but a few, to write articles, blogs, and so on. Contact Alan on for more details on this. They need your help, to go online and check out the site, provide feedback and to comment, share and support your team.
The desktop version of the site is up and running, with plans in the works for a mobile site. They also plan to make apps for the major mobile platforms and integrate these services onto the online site for even more productivity. Another extension to the site they are planning is to make it possible to place bets on teams for scores especially on live matches. is quite the innovative idea, and with such talent and great minds at work, they stand every chance of moulding the future not only for the local sports scene as they have done already but also for any other field through creative tech solutions.

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