Saturday, February 25, 2012

JLUG Meet Up

a section of the audience keen on the presentation
Yet another successful meet up went down this past Thursday, one that was quite the special occasion. Our main act for the night was none other than Imani, and needless to say he’s a man who needs no introduction; but I digress.

He’s the quintessential modern day whizz kid, a true inspiration and a dedicated problem solver. At just 21, he’s making his mark on the world, one design, animation, and indeed content management system at a time. Needless to say, his reputation precedes him everywhere he goes. Thanks to Calvin, he was able to make it for a brief presentation and foray into his ever growing empire of software design and web content creations. From graphic design to 3D animation to software engineering, the list runs long.  Get more at his official website.
In addition to the overwhelming inspiration that he has become, he was there to connect with us, share some pearls of wisdom and celebrate with us not only on his past achievements but also on what the future holds for him. And share he did. First and foremost was on the importance of originality, of setting yourself apart from the crowd and delivering unique solutions that endear you to your clientele. Consistent with this was the passion and drive to make sure that you always push yourself to the limits of where success can take you.
Imani and Andrew

a kodak moment to remember

Imani and Law

Imani , Andrew and Collins after the presentation

In addition to that, he gave us some perspective on the market out there and the challenges developers face as they try to market their products and get their names out there. His rules of thumb included the importance of winning the client over first since that way they will believe in your product in turn. Being smart and protecting your creations through, for example, legal means and making sure that you get as much out of a particular product as you put into it. There was also the need to control the flow of information to ensure that your clients are well versed with what it is that you do, and what your terms are. Also, that for any communication made, they get it first from you.
With such wisdom, poise and confidence in what he does it’s easy to see why Imani is way ahead of the game and why success seams to follow him. It remains an honour to have met him and as JLUG, we wish him all best in future endeavours, not the least of which is his opportunity at Twitter.
Our ‘notice board’ event for the week is the upcoming JLUG Open Day happening this coming Thursday all day at the pavilion. From Linux installations to computer maintenance we’ve planned a fun filled day where we can all interact and as we get to install the various Linux flavours, run maintenance checks on machines and get your questions answered regarding the Linux environment. See you then…

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