Saturday, June 4, 2011

Linux Alternatives

OK so I'm a newbie to the Open Source world and the Ubuntu/Linux experience...or relatively so but that doesn't stop me from appreciating just how formidable an alternative it is. I'm currently running Linux Mint 10 64 bit on a Dual core Intel processor system and the experience has been nothing short of amazing.

However,coming from the Windows environment, one of the questions I'm constantly asking myself is what Linux app does this thing that my Windows app did and does it good a good enough job of it or possibly even better?...OK, maybe two questions. I've come to appreciate two wonderful facts: One,the software is all free, and two, I don't have to worry about viruses.

I'm nowhere near the league of some of the contributors on this blog but I've found a few apps here and there that I'd like to share. Links to the actual programs are not provided because they are easily available on the software centre of the particular distro you're running or even easier on the Terminal. They include:

  • axel-kapt : a "download accelerator"
  • kget :a "download manager"
  • uget :a "download manager"
  • multiget: a "file downloader"
  • aircrack-ng: which recovers WEP keys for b/g/n networks
  • kompozer: a dreamweaver alternative
  • bluefish: a dreamweaver alternative and one "for the experienced web designer"
  • aria2: a command line download client
  • anon-proxy: a proxy to surf the web anonymously
  • cget: a web page downloader
  • k3b: a burner
  • xvst: a download tool for video clips
  • cclive: a command line video extraction tool
  • bleachbit: deletes unneccessary files from the system much like c cleaner in Windows
  • rkhunter: a rootkit,backdoor,sniffer and exploit scanner.Additionally install "chkrootkit" (as recommended)
  • harden: "helps the administrator improve security of the system".
  •
  • aide: an intrusion detection environment. Make sure to include the "aide-dynamic" and "aide-xen" packages
  • chntpw: "provides a way to view information and change user passwords in windows NT/2000 user database file"
  • gdeb-kde: a "simple tool to install .deb files"

I haven't had the chance to use all these programs as yet but you can try them out and see how they work for you. Once you've found that alternative, you don't have to worry about looking for cracks or keygens, which are just Trojans that compromise your system.
Additionally there are websites dedicated to the Windows/Linux software comparisons which provide detailed information on all the applications available. A link can be found here which is just one among the many websites available.

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