Friday, June 17, 2011

Third JLUG Meeting of the semester

Thursday 16 saw us in yet another engaging and informative session of jlug where Mike(club secretary) started us of with more information on the upcoming JKUAT Tech Expo as well as detailing us on the ground covered so far. He urged for more projects to be forthcoming while reminding all that the registration process is seamless at the official website. He also cast some light on previous winners of the earlier Tech Expo 2010 most notably the "mulika mwizi" application that went on to cause quite some ripples in the industry among a host of others.
The next presentation was all about the Gnome Translation Project which is an undertaking to translate Gnome into local languages. The Swahili project was highlighted with calls for more participation by any interested parties but more on this on a subsequent post...
Collins and Andrew who form the PR side of the club had just returned from the mlab and were on hand to inform the rest of us about their incubation hub that has now been officially launched. It's a space where developers come together to tap and nurture talent. Their core message was that these incubation hubs provide some of the best facilities out there for any serious developer with a zest for coding and that the onus was on us to take full advantage of such facilities.
The club continues to grow both in numbers and diversity as was showcased on this meet up. We had representatives from the GGIS, Computer Tech and a host of other schools. As was expected of such a mix,there were ideas streaming in from any and all sides so much so that i cannot effectively convey them all in this space. However,a quick mention:
  • mobile classes are currently ongoing both in web design and java and all are encouraged to apply
  • the need to be proactive and go after the dream instead of just sitting around waiting for opportunities to knock on your door
  • the importance of such forums where we gather together outside of a classroom environment and pick each others' minds
and many more... Ian our moderator thanked all for their attendance and pinned the date for the next meeting in a fortnight

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