Saturday, June 4, 2011

Second JLUG Meeting June 2

Thursday June 2 marked our second JLUG meeting. A packed room and great minds together,and we were on. First up was Antony who provided a detailed walk through on the openSUSE 11.3 SB Rough Diamond custom build he has been working on, one which he was understandably proud to have completed. A complete breakdown of the entire project is available on this same blog for which he kindly made all the contribution.

The second presentation was a joint venture between club Chairman Dennis and club Secretary Mike who showcased the Arduino which is an open source prototyping solution aimed at the rapid applications developer. It's relatively easy to use and anyone from the novice hobbyist to the experienced engineer will find it a worthwhile tool. A variety of languages are available for one to code in and it comes with proper documentation as well as an online platform on their website from which people get together and share their experiences and concerns on the various projects they're working on.

Dennis and Mike effectively demonstrated a little application aided by the arduino which featured an infra red sensor that worked with a set of LEDs such that a particular LED would light up depending on the distance an object was from the sensor. To prove just how versatile the arduino is, Dennis explained that it only took him an afternoon and about 50 lines of C Code to implement the entire set up and get it working.

Calvin then took over and relayed the progress that had been made so far on the upcoming JKUAT Tech Expo .Everything is on track and we appreciate all the help we can get as this event affects us all as the JKUAT community.

Ian,"our moderator", officially called the meeting to a close and reminded us all that the next one is slated in a fortnight at 8 pm...

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