Monday, September 26, 2011

First meeting of the semester..

We had our first meeting of the semester on Thursday 22nd. The meeting involved a recap of what had happened earlier at the beginning of the semester, case in point the G|Kenya conference. Andrew took us through a brief description of how the event was.
Registration for the G|Kenya sessions
"Maserati" and friends were in attendance.
Introdoctory session Oh, did I mention that the Africa Android app challenge was won by two Kenyans? Here is a link to more info on the projects that won. Also, here is a link toThe G|Kenya team if you would like to know more about them. Some of them are not even I.T. or Comp science grads but are doing good stuff. It was an amazing experience. later, we were taken through the process of creating an apt-on-CD and Christine showed us some basic android coding. The code jam sessions as discussed late last semester started with a big bang on Saturday. If you missed the session, make sure you get to attend the subsequent ones. Let's all meet this Thursday again and do what we do best-Opensource!! PS: 17 days and counting to the JKUAT Tech expo.......

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