Saturday, February 11, 2012

Second Meet Up of the Year

A Section of the Audience Keen on a Presentation
A sizeable crowd at hand, presentations at the ready and as always some new faces seated front and it was yet another successful meet up; this being our second for the new year. first up was Sigu who was on hand with useful tips and tricks stemming from our Linux/Unix background which no doubt welcomed the new faces as well as reminded us all of what drives the club as a whole; the open source spirit, having options and embracing different ways of looking at the challenges we face in ICT and coming together to find innovative solutions that will power tomorrow's technology today.

Allan demonstrating the AI Logic for the game
Our feature presentation as made by:
  • ·         Allan Mukhwana,
  • ·         Timothy Wambua,
  • ·         Felix Milome,
  • ·         Chris Kivaze, and
  • ·         Edda Wachira who run the demo

Was quite the inspiration. Quoting from their story abstract, with permission from Allan Mukhwana, "Operation Linda Nchi is the first sequel to the 0peration Linda Nchi Challenge. Vol. 1 (War in Somalia) is a 3D PC game about you, the soldier (raider), given a mission (five in total) to defend your country from insurgents."  It is set in the rough and untamed vast lands of East Africa in fictitious Somalia. Perhaps one of the more defining aspects to this project is the fact that all members of this team are in their first year of study, taking Computer Technology.
The Game's overview
The brains behind it all include:
  • ·         Allan Mukhwana, who did the code for the Artificial Intelligence part of the game,
  • ·         Timothy Wambua and Dennis Riungu, who are responsible for the User Interface,
  • ·         Felix Milome, who is responsible for modelling,
  • ·         Chris Kivaze and Anthony Bukhalana, who are responsible for the graphics part of the game

Their contact details are as follows:
  • ·         Allan
  • ·         Timothy
  • ·         Felix

The game so far has five missions in total, with more modules and challenges in the works. The global gaming industry remains highly lucrative and with talent like this in our own backyard, we'll claim our share of this market yet.
Our next presenter, Law, gave us more insight into mobile development on the J2Me environment for which he develops.
Law making his presentation
 He featured a project which incorporates Bluetooth technology from mobile devices which is used to pull specific data from Wi-Fi networks in range. It still in development and should prove to be quite an interesting app when complete.
The last presentation of the day was by our very own Calvin who provided invaluable pearls of wisdom on the intricacies of start-ups, business ventures and using ICT to provide pertinent solutions to fit any profit making idea. His main emphasis was on courage, dedication, creativity, and having the correct business plan. He also delved into marketing trends, branding and how to ensure that your product beats the competition.

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